Our Team

Michael Lewis – Executive Chef

Chef Michael Lewis has always had a strong affinity with food and nature, which has led him to countless esteemed destinations globally. Beginning his career in Sydney, Michael climbed the ranks at Jonah’s before moving abroad to Singapore and China to further his culinary expertise.

Most recently Michael galvanised his passion for Italian cuisine through working in Piemonte, Italy, before returning to Sydney to run the SALA Kitchen.

Danny Russo – Chef Owner

Chef Danny Russo is widely known as the Godfather of Italian cuisine in Sydney – first cutting his teeth in the nineties across European restaurants before returning to Sydney to run some of Sydney’s most iconic restaurants such as Lo Studio & L’unico.

Beyond this extensive resume, Danny has consulted on exciting culinary projects both domestically and abroad. As chef patron at SALA, Danny brings his take on contemporary coastal Italian cuisine – encompassing essential dishes from his extensive repertoire as well as modern twists on some familiar classics

Rocco Pezzullo – Sommelier

Originally from a quaint village of Napoli, Italy, Rocco’s initial passion for hospitality and wine was nurtured in his private family vineyard. After completing culinary arts school at home, he ventured to London to sharpen his skills in fine dining and restaurant management.

Upon arriving in Sydney in 2010, Rocco furthered his expertise and passion across all aspects of winemaking, completing high level certifications and experiences across some of the best restaurants in the southern hemisphere. Currently, Rocco serves as the head sommelier at SALA, curating exceptional wine experiences to complement accompanying flavour profiles – all with a unique Neapolitan touch.

Stefano Satta – Venue Manager

Born and raised in a coastal town on the island of Sardinia, Italy, Stefano de veloped a tangible interest in looking after guests from a tender age. It was in the vibrant atmosphere of his father’s pizzeria and local pub where Stefano was introduced to the art of making all feel welcome and looked after.

Seeking to refine his expertise in the realm of fine dining, as a teenager Stefano relocated to London and garnered a deep appreciation for the world of high – end hospitality and wine. Whilst working in some of Europe’s most esteemed restaurants, he grew passionate about guest management and leadership of the varied brigades he guided.

Upon moving to Sydney, Stefano served in several elevated positions before leading SALA as venue manager. With his astute leadership and contagious passion, Stefano elevates every aspect of the guest experience and SALA as a whole.

Andrea Brandi – Assistant Venue Manager

Hailing from San Benedetto, Italy, Andrea discovered his passion for customer service and cultivating memorable moments growing up in his parents’ restaurant and accompanying pastry shop. As a teenager he embarked on journeys to Malta and London for experience in hospitality before eventually settling down in Sydney with in his early twenties. In Sydney, Andrea has thrived in the fine dining industry, mastering both front and back of house operations working at a plethora of notable venues. Today he serves as the Assistant Venue Manager of SALA, where his expertise and familial smile makes one think he is still back home, ensuring memorable moments for all who walk through the door